Our work speaks about utility but more importantly, about being nourished


Our Studio

Raised living with an old cookstove, Lisa has always had a close relationship with fire, food and gathering around the kitchen. When she experienced her first wood firing at school, she knew that the practice resonated a part of her that continues to this day. Lisa works primarily with stoneware and a couple of slips. Her forms are simple and the surface of the her work is always pushing the natural highlights of fire with her own added motifs.

Matt grew up with an appreciation for hand tools and over the past couple of decades he has gathered more than just an extensive collection. With his training as a craftsperson in ceramics and dedication to building a house with his own hands, he has developed a passion for working with wood. Working with simple hand tools and processes allows him to work in a slow methodical pace to create stunning hand carved spoons, cutting boards often objects that could be considered “tools” unto themself.


All of their pottery is fired in a kiln fueled strictly by wood. Matt built the kiln based on potter Fred Olsen’s fast fire design. Each firing takes about 12-15 hours of stoking. It is constructed of both soft and hard firebricks with two fireboxes at the base of the kiln. Lisa and Matt use local sourced off cut wood to fire the kiln and typically fire the kiln 6-8 times a year.


The work coming out of the kiln is often fired without a large amount of glazes. This allows for the flame and ash to leave natural patterns and warm toasty surfaces on each piece.


The studio that they operate has a large gallery area as well as a working space. They also have a small separate studio next to their home which works well in the colder months and with two young kids close at hand.

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