We live in a disposable, fast paced and mass-produced world. Homestead Pottery rebels against this in their physical work, their slow philosophy of making and in the traditions and skills they demonstrate.

Trained in craftsmanship, rooted in tradition and dedicated to utility

Our Story

Lisa Barry and Matt Mihlik met at Sheridan Colleges School of Craft Design in 1999 while both attending a 3 yr Ceramics program. From Sheridan they both went onto receive BFA degrees at The Alberta College of Art and Design. Upon returning to the Highlands, Lisa and Matt inherited a piece of land in Haliburton that was owned by her grandfather and before that her great grandfather. It originated as a family homestead where her grandfather also operated a cabinetry shop. This shop is now the studio of Homestead Pottery.

Continuing the craft tradition, they began renovating the workshop/ gallery space, building an outdoor wood kiln and investing in the tools and equipment to start Homestead Pottery. In 2007 they became members of: The Haliburton County Studio Tour. At about the same time, Lisa starting teaching at the Haliburton School of the

Arts. That Fall they were married down the road in an old hand-crafted stone church.


In 2008 they embarked on the journey of building their own house. Through a variety of training opportunities along the way of starting their Pottery Studio, Matt gained a passion for wood working. Matt continues to work for a Timber-frame company specializing in finish cabinetry.


In 2010 they started their own family and now are raising two young boys on what is now the five generations on the land. Matt has taken his craft knowledge one step further, by branching out of clay and also working with wood. His love for natural materials and hand processes has lead to creating a body of work focused on traditional spoon carving.


While keeping one hand on the present and the other shaping the future, together they have managed to remain true to their passion for making.


Studio X on The Haliburton County Studio Tour

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